Dritek Blog | The Dritek Hanger comes with a 10 year warranty.

Dritek Ltd are pleased to announce that they will now be offering a 10 year warranty on all Dritek Hanger purchases.

The warranty promises to repair or replace any broken element of the Dritek Hanger, free of charge.

Mark Jones, Managing Director of Dritek Ltd, explains “The Dritek Hanger was designed to be the toughest, most versatile hanger, but on top of that it was always meant to be the most durable and long lasting too”.

The Dritek Hanger is capable of hanging garments of up to 30kgs in weight, and because of its flexible and adjustable strap, it can be used in any number of sites and situations, making it the ideal hanger for anyone needing to securely hang wetsuits, drysuits, waterproofs, outdoor clothing and protective garments.

The Dritek Hanger - Outdoor Hanger

“People are starting to realise just how strong and versatile the Dritek Hanger is”, Mr. Jones continues. “However, it is important to us that they also know about its durability and its longevity. We are confident that the Dritek Hanger will by far outlast the garments that it was bought to look after, and this warranty is our way of putting our money where our mouth is”.

The Dritek Hanger’s unique frame is made using recycled materials, which makes it a good choice for environmentally responsible consumers, however this warranty will make it even more attractive. “A hanger that lasts for ages is great news because it means less hangers going to land fill. Our pledge to our customers is, if their Dritek Hanger breaks or fails in some way, we’ll replace it free of charge. That way, they’ve more or less got a hanger for life.”

The Dritek Hanger joins an impressive family of brands to offer extra warranties on products, including Leatherman, Weber, Northface and Jansport.

“Dritek is a young company with limited resources, however we believe in our product and want to offer our customers the peace of mind that paying that little bit extra for a top quality hanger will pay off, both short term and long term”.

_10 year warranty badge

The Dritek Hanger is available in all good surf, dive, sailing and outdoor retailers, as well as direct from the Dritek website.

For more information about the Dritek Hanger or it’s 10 year warranty, please visit www.dritekproducts.com

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