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Dritek Hanger V2 – Looks after the gear that looks after you.

Dritek hangers are arguably the best known heavy-duty hangers in the world. From the launch of the original Dritek Hanger in 2013, the Finisterre + Dritek Wetsuit Hanger in 2015, and then the Dritek Hanger V2 in 2018, we have always been focussed on, and driven by, the same goal: to create versatile hangers that […]

Dritek Hanger V2 – Review by the British Army Offshore Sailing Team

Before you say it’s “just a hanger”, I’m aware, however…… This is a hanger on steroids. It comes packaged in a modest looking parcel, but then on opening you get the full scale of it’s size and robustness. It’s over an inch thick in places of carefully moulded plastic with an adjustable ribbon topped by […]

The Dritek Hanger V2 – a great camping hanger

From fair weather weekend campers to hardy all-year-round camping fanatics, we all know how important it is to take along the right kind of clothing that will keep us warm and protect us from the wind and rain. Preparing for your trip, checking the forecast and packing the right clothing can be the difference between […]

Dritek Blog | The perfect hanger for outdoor clothing

The Dritek Hanger is the perfect hanger for outdoor clothing and waterproofs.  You have to  treat waterproof fabrics with care, in order to receive maximum benefit and longevity.  ‘Do not tumble dry’, ‘Do not dry on radiator’, ‘Garment must be fully dry before storing’, are some of the guidelines you are likely to encounter.  So […]