Looking after your gear: Waterproofs

For many water sport and outdoor enthusiasts, functional, reliable waterproofs make the difference between good day and a bad day.  Staying dry and warm can also be a matter of health and safety. Even life and death. So looking after your gear, making sure it’s up to the job as and when you need it should be a primary concern.

High quality waterproofs are generally made using well thought out designs, from hi-tech materials and often coated in innovative solutions. But all too often, once the fun is over, garments are taken off and forgotten about.

However, looking after your gear properly in between uses not only helps to maintain their performance properties, but can also prolong their lifespan.

Waterproofs are designed to get wet. Naturally. However, they prefer to be dry. In between uses it’s imperative that you get them dry, as quickly as you can, and get them hung up or stored away for next time. Leaving wet waterproofs to dry slowly is an invitation to those age old adversaries, mould and mildew, which are not only unsightly and smelly, but are also an unhealthy addition to your kit bag.

But equally as important, mould and mildew can cause irreversible damage to materials, seals and components, which inevitably leads to a loss in reliability and performance, costly repairs or commonly, a trip to the landfill.

Dry waterproofs are both warmer and lighter. So whether you are onboard or onshore, hang up your waterproofs whenever the opportunity presents itself, ideally in the fresh air so they can dry out thoroughly.

Mark Jones Waterproofs Hanger

Large, robust hangers, ideally made specifically for such garments, are the best way to hang up your gear. Using hangers that are too thin will mean the weight of the garments will be concentrated over a small area at the shoulders, stretching out the fabric and potentially leading to cracks and tears. As cleverly designed as your waterproof jacket maybe, chances are the designer wasn’t thinking about adding otherwise unnecessary support to the shoulders for hanging purposes.

Product Info Protects Fabrics

Hang your clothes outdoors to dry, ideally, and if possible out of direct sunlight. Waterproofs hung outdoors will dry in a fraction of the time that they will indoors, and will do so in fresh air which will help to reduce any odours.

If your waterproofs have been at sea, are heavily soiled or are simply sweaty, make sure to wash them according to the manufacturers guidelines and then hang them up to dry. This removes any corrosive residues and minimises the build up of bacteria.

It may be advisable to dry your garments in a tumble dryer, depending on the fabrics, however, on the whole, you can’t beat a good old natural breeze.

The Dritek hanger was designed with looking after waterproofs and outdoor clothing in mind. It allows users to hang their gear safely and securely, indoors or outdoors, and is an ideal travel companion. It may not be small but you’ll definitely be glad you packed it.

For more information about the Dritek hanger click here: www.dritekproducts.com/dritek-hanger/product-information

Dritek Hanger in 2015 Packaging x1

Looking after your gear: Wetsuits

Anyone who uses wetsuits regularly will tell you that putting on a wet or damp wetsuit is no big deal. There may be a couple of swear words and some involuntary monkey hoots as you get in, but it’s over in a flash. The wetsuit will then get on with its job of insulating your body.

If anything, getting into a damp wetsuit is a positive thing as it means it’s getting used regularly, and you’re therefore probably in a good frame of mind.

So why do we need to worry about hanging our wetsuits at all? The answer is more about looking after the materials and components in between uses, than getting them dry.

Wetsuit fabrics on the whole are robust and durable. They have to be to survive getting them on and off, as well as the pounding they’ll get during their use. However, they are also pretty vulnerable and need looking after.

Firstly, sea water. This is a pretty harsh liquid and can be corrosive. Over time, if wetsuits aren’t rinsed with fresh water the fabrics can begin to harden, and therefore become less elastic and responsive to your body shape and your movements. And the components, like the zips and toggles can begin to stiffen or stick. So, flushing your wetsuit in between uses is essential for general maintenance.


However, it’s not just sea water that you need to worry about. There are billions of bacteria in the water, and rinsing your wetsuits will, at least, wash a lot of them away. Urine too. Not that anyone has ever urinated in their wetsuit, of course, however if they did, they’d want to rinse it out afterwards to minimise its acidity and nasty odour. A stale and smelly wetsuit isn’t just unpleasant, it’s a sure sign that your wetsuit’s materials are not in good condition.

Best practise is to rinse your wetsuits and let them drip-dry out of direct sunlight. When you come to use it again, it may not be dry, but who cares? It’ll be fresh and functional. Keeping your wetsuit fresh will prolong its ability to hold your shape and make it last longer.

Secondly, the wetsuit materials are generally delicate and can slice or snag easily. If you leave them on the floor or draped over a fence or balcony, they can get snagged or fall down, where they can get pushed around on the floor, trodden on, covered in sand or even attract attention from our K9 and feline friends. So, it’s best to hang your wetsuits up, out of the way.


And, thirdly, maintaining your suit’s shape.  A good wetsuit, like a favourite pair of jeans, knows your body and learns to mould around your lumps and bumps (and guns), and in turn will keep you warmer for longer. Hanging it on traditional hangers, where all of the weight is supported by the shoulders, is a bad idea. Your box standard hangers are made for dry materials, to be used indoors, not for wet and heavy wetsuits.  Using these will cause severe stretching of the fabric, for prolonged periods of time, and the material can only take so much before if starts to lose shape, begin to thin and even split. The hanger may also break, and then we’re back to being on the floor.

The best way to hang your wetsuit is at the waist, over something straight and smooth. This eliminates all material stretch and allows the suit to drip dry from both the arms and the legs.  And, if you’re not lucky enough to use your wetsuit regularly, then you can leave it hanging like this indefinitely, safe in the knowledge that it’s not going to be out of shape when the next time comes.

The Dritek hanger was designed with looking after wetsuits in mind. It allows you to hang your wetsuit safely and securely, indoors or outdoors, and will never let you down. Check out our website for more information – www.dritekproducts.com/dritek-hanger/product-information/

Dritek Hanger in 2015 Packaging x1

Dritek Blog | Dritek Hanger Competition Results

A big thank you to all those people who entered our Dritek Hanger competition!


Our first Dritek Hanger competition was a great success, so the good news is we’ll be doing some more very soon.

But first things first, the winners, drawn this week at random, were as follows:

1st Prize – Family Pack of Dritek Hangers – won by Jeremy Latham, from Bude in Cornwall, who will use his hangers for wetsuits.

2nd Prize – 2 Pack of Dritek Hanger PROs – won by Clare Cocks, from Penryn in Cornwall, who will use her hangers for drysuits.

3rd Prize – 2 Pack of Dritek Hangers – won by Taylor Goode, from Virginia Beach, USA, who will use their hangers for wetsuits.

Congratulations and we hope your Dritek Hangers serve you well.

We had a really interesting mix of entrants, from all over the world, representing all types of outdoor sports and pastimes.

Thanks again to all those who entered.   Commiserations to all those who didn’t win….this time.  We’ll let you know about future competitions via Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Instagram.

Best wishes from Dritek Ltd.

Dritek Blog | Wavelength’s Wetsuit Guide

The Dritek Hanger features in the Wavelength Wetsuit Guide.

When you want to test the best wetsuits on the market, to their limits, you need a hanger that’s not going to let you down.  That’s why the Dritek Hanger was used for Wavelength’s thorough wetsuit test:

To see the entire article buy the Spring issue of Wavelength (issue 238). You can see all of the results, as well as a video of the day of testing at www.wavelengthmag.co.uk/wetsuitguide2015





Dritek Blog | Wavelength Review

Published in Wavelength – Aug 2014:


They say that necessity is the mother of invention and after years of hanging his wetsuit on a flimsy hanger which would eventually wear through the suits shoulders, or just having to put on a cold wet wetsuit, Mark Jones set out to invent the toughest, most versatile garment hanger ever. And this is what he came up with:

Product Info Dritek Hanger

The Dritek Hanger has been specifically designed for heavy garments and garments that get wet and need to be hung to dry or air.

The design-registered and patent pending product is a unique combination of a super-sized carabiner, a heavy-duty flexible and adjustable strap, and an impressive hanger frame, exclusive to Dritek.

The carabiner acts as a ‘closed hook’ and provides safe and secure hanging. The strap provides flexibility and versatility, offering unlimited hanging possibilities. The unique hanger frame is super strong, able to comfortably hang garments weighing up to 30kg, and, being wide and contoured, it’s gentle on fabrics, which can actually prolong the life of garments.

“Most hangers are designed for dry garments, to be hung indoors, with ‘open hooks’ and often flimsy materials,” explains Mark Jones, Managing Director of Dritek. “Most have a fixed or swivel neck, and are therefore not flexible and this is often the weak point. The Dritek Hanger is the first hanger to address this issue to improve the way we hang our heavy, expensive garments.”

Garments hung with a Dritek Hanger are better maintained and will last longer.

The Dritek Hanger is perfect for hanging wetsuits, drysuits, sailing gear, snow gear, outdoor clothing and waterproofs. It’s also ideal for hanging protective clothing, such as motorcycle leathers and work-wear.

Garments can be hung from all traditional sites, however, unlike traditional hangers, the Dritek Hanger can also be hung inside AND outside, from balconies, balustrades, rafters, fences, pergolas, boat masts and fly-bridges, roof-racks, etc, etc…The Dritek Hanger is a ‘hang anywhere’ solution.

Expensive gear deserves better hangers.

“The Dritek Hanger provides peace of mind,” he continues. “Peace of mind that your garments are secure, they are drying naturally, and that they are being looked after. In our experience, most outdoor enthusiasts and professionals want to look after their gear, and the Dritek Hanger will help them do that.”

The Dritek Hanger is the first product to be launched by Dritek, and at only £17.99, it is a cost-effective way of looking after garments and prolonging their performance.

Made using recycled materials, the Dritek Hanger is a high-performance accessory that is made to last. No more broken hangers, no more garments in a pile on the floor.

One hanger, unlimited hanging possibilities.

“People spend a lot of money on their specialist garments and protective clothing, yet very little on hanging and storing them, which is how they actually spend most of their time. The Dritek Hanger is the only hanger specifically designed to hang outdoor gear, outdoors.” Mark Jones concludes. “They are also designed to last, in fact they will last a lot longer than the garments you buy them for.”

Dritek Blog | The Dritek Hanger chosen for Phine Clothing collection launch.

In January 2015, the Dritek Hanger was chosen by Italian fashion/sportswear brand ‘Phine Clothing’, to show off their new mens collection.  Project Director Francesco Ciroldi said “The Dritek Hanger fits our image and philosophy of innovation and tech”.  The launch was held at the ‘Whiteshow’ Contemporary Fashion Trade show in Milan, a leading international fashion show, attended by huge names in fashion including Stussy, Highsnobiety, East Pak and Patagonia.  Francesco said after the show “It went very well.  The stand worked well with the Dritek Hangers, they adapted very well to the collection”.

Click here for a round up of this years show vimeo.com/118893212.  The Dritek Hangers make a cameo appearance at 2.oo minutes 🙂


Phine Launch 3

Phine Launch 2

Phine Launch 4

Dritek Blog | Our tribute to Kelly Slater

So, Kelly Slater didn’t win this years ASP World Championship.  That went to Gabriel Medina, and rightly so.  But the fact that he was challenging for the title, 22 years after he first won it, was remarkable.  In that time he has won it an incredible 11 times, and who’s to say that he won’t win it again?

And it got us thinking.  Has anyone ever dominated their sport for such a long time? We don’t think so.

To put this remarkable achievement into some kind of perspective, we thought we’d compare Kelly’s competitive career with that of tennis, over the same period. What we found was incredible.  Kelly Slater’s reign as the World’s best surfer has seen the coming and going of some amazing athletes, from Jim Courier in 1992 right up to Novak Djokovic, who is the current World No.1 .

Both sports have changed significantly in that time, however Kelly Slater has been at the heart of his sport for the entire time…and is still going strong.

So, big respect to Kelly Slater, we can’t wait to see you again at the start of next year’s ASP Tour.



Kelly Slater Tribute



Dritek Blog | 5 things we were grateful for in 2014

As we approach the end of the year, we thought we’d look back over the year to remember those gadgets, bits of kit and accessories that at some point did, or could have, made a positive difference to our experiences.

Here’s the top 5:

1. Dragon Alliance – H2O Floatable Collection

Whilst SUPing in Newquay this summer, we started to perform acrobatic diving / muck about, during which time we managed to drop a pair of Ray Bans and a pair of Von Zippers into the drink. Laughter turned to sickness as we realised that these particular arrangements of plastic and screws didn’t actually float!! Who knew!? Well, we do now. And we’ll be donning these when the inevitable summer shenanigans begin next year!

Dragon Glasses - They float

2. Rip Curl – ATS Tidemaster

I had this nifty Casio G-Shock watch with moon and tide phases. Great…in theory. Once I’d set it up, which wasn’t without it’s difficulties, it seemed to work fine, until I had to change to British Summer Time. At which point it all went wrong. I’m not sure why, but it did, and it was never right again. After heading to Gwithian, with friends in tow, for a mid-on-the-push surf session, and found it was actually low tide, it was never trusted again. So, I was delighted when I found the Rip Curl ATS Tidemaster. It’s got an integral analogue tide clock, which you set to your local beach….and you never have to worry about it again! Simple? Maybe. Accurate? Always.

Ripcurl ATS Tidemaster

3. Dryrobe – Changing Robe

I’ve used a home made version of this for years, made of an ugly blue fleece material. It worked OK. But it never really cut the mustard in the wind and rain, which was often during the Great British winter this year. And, I looked like an unemployed hobbit. So, when the Dryrobe was launched I was intrigued. Intrigued enough to get one. And what a serious piece of kit it is too. Being such a great summer and a mild autumn, I’ve not had much call to use it, however in the last couple of weeks it’s come into it’s own and now it’s one of the essentials in the van, “Keys? Wallet? Wetsuit? Dryrobe?”.


4. O’Neill Psycho RG8 Wetsuit

It’s always a chore trying on wetsuits. But it’s worth it once you find the ‘one’! I had to get a new wetsuit to bridge the gap between my ‘home modified’ summer suit (which now has short sleeves and flushes with fresh, cold water during every duck dive), and my hardcore ‘I don’t care how cold it gets, i’ll still get hot’ Flash Bomb. Anns Cottage, St Column was the venue and after 4 rounds with various suits, I tried the O’Neill RG8. Tired, clammy and suicidal from the previous rounds, I was surprised how easily it allowed me to climb in, and how amazing it felt in all the right places. I’m not sure how long it’ll be before the winter suit comes out as it’s still happily holding it’s own in mid November!.

O'neill Wetsuit Psycho RG8

5. The Dritek Hanger

Biased? Maybe. But very serious. Since we designed and developed the Dritek Hanger we have been spoiled. All of our gear is now hung up with them and we cannot imagine using anything else. Whether we are at home, at the office, in the van, on a campsite, we’ve been using them and our gear has never been so well looked after.

Dritek Hanger in Packaging (1)

Dritek Blog | Indoors, outdoors and now catwalk.

We are proud and excited that the Dritek Hanger is the ‘hanger of choice’ for fashion designer Christopher Cardy. The hanger is generally more at home in the garage, in a trailer or hanging from a balcony.  And, generally holding up a wetsuit, waterproof jacket or motorbike leathers.  However, they’re looking pretty sweet in amongst Chris’s 46cc collection.

Chris is now working for Britsh fashion legend Jeff Griffin at Griffin Studio. To take a closer look click these links:



46cc - Dritek Hanger 3

46cc - Dritek Hanger 2

46cc - Dritek Hanger 1

Dritek Blog | The Dritek Hanger comes with a 10 year warranty.

Dritek Ltd are pleased to announce that they will now be offering a 10 year warranty on all Dritek Hanger purchases.

The warranty promises to repair or replace any broken element of the Dritek Hanger, free of charge.

Mark Jones, Managing Director of Dritek Ltd, explains “The Dritek Hanger was designed to be the toughest, most versatile hanger, but on top of that it was always meant to be the most durable and long lasting too”.

The Dritek Hanger is capable of hanging garments of up to 30kgs in weight, and because of its flexible and adjustable strap, it can be used in any number of sites and situations, making it the ideal hanger for anyone needing to securely hang wetsuits, drysuits, waterproofs, outdoor clothing and protective garments.

The Dritek Hanger - Outdoor Hanger

“People are starting to realise just how strong and versatile the Dritek Hanger is”, Mr. Jones continues. “However, it is important to us that they also know about its durability and its longevity. We are confident that the Dritek Hanger will by far outlast the garments that it was bought to look after, and this warranty is our way of putting our money where our mouth is”.

The Dritek Hanger’s unique frame is made using recycled materials, which makes it a good choice for environmentally responsible consumers, however this warranty will make it even more attractive. “A hanger that lasts for ages is great news because it means less hangers going to land fill. Our pledge to our customers is, if their Dritek Hanger breaks or fails in some way, we’ll replace it free of charge. That way, they’ve more or less got a hanger for life.”

The Dritek Hanger joins an impressive family of brands to offer extra warranties on products, including Leatherman, Weber, Northface and Jansport.

“Dritek is a young company with limited resources, however we believe in our product and want to offer our customers the peace of mind that paying that little bit extra for a top quality hanger will pay off, both short term and long term”.

_10 year warranty badge

The Dritek Hanger is available in all good surf, dive, sailing and outdoor retailers, as well as direct from the Dritek website.

For more information about the Dritek Hanger or it’s 10 year warranty, please visit www.dritekproducts.com

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