Dritek Blog | Amazing footage of Barrel Jelly Fish in Newquay.

This is the footage we shot whilst SUPing in Newquay. Dritek Ltd’s Anja Jones and FreeStyle Games’ David Osbourn saw the strange shape in the water and decided to take a closer look. What they saw was amazing. The Barrel Jelly Fish was absolutely huge! As they approached it remained unfazed and just kept on swimming. Using their GoPros they were able to film the Jelly Fish without bothering it.

The diameter of the head was about 40cms and overall length was about 1 meter. Incredibly they can actually grow to twice this size!

Not content with filming from the SUP, Anja decided to jump in and swim up to it to get a closer look. At one point she was within arms length, but it seemed to turn and swim towards her, and she quickly retreated (her little scream was edited out of the footage 😉

Dritek Blog | Product review surfer Jessie Tuckman

“I am really happy with the Dritek Hanger. It’s really tough and can hold my wet wetsuits with no bending like normal hangers. I can hang my wetsuits anywhere. I use my wetsuits every day and its really important to look after them well so they can last me as long as possible so this is ideal. Great design”

Jessie lives in Newquay and rides for Snugg Wetsuits, Adams Surfboards, The Stable and SurfGirl.

Jessie Tuckman

Jessie Tuckman Dritek Hanger 2

Jessie Tuckman Dritek Hanger 4

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Dritek Blog | Product review from international SUP team riders

Review from Ollie Shilston, Surftech team rider, @Ollieshilston

“The hanger is a strong thick plastic design with a carabiner clip and adjustable strap. I really like the fact it’s made of recyclable plastic. I see the hanger being an ideal product for campers/travellers and water sports enthusiasts.”

“I have found the hanger to be very useful in many different situations. One in particular is drying a heavy wet wetsuit in windy conditions. The carabiner clip allows you to attach the strong plastic hanger to wherever needed and adjust the strap to the desired height. This allows the wetsuit to dry without being blown away, fall on the floor or break the hanger. I have found this to be a current occurrence with a standard hanger. The more I have used this hanger the more I would recommend it.”

Ollie Shilston Review

Review from Damian Warner, NSP International SUP team rider

“Firstly the plastic structure is strong, which is particularly useful when my wetsuit is heavy with water and using a thicker suit in winter. Standard hangers simply do not have the same structural integrity and often break or bend.”

“The other feature I like is that if you hang your wetsuit outside, the carabiner allows you to hang your suit in windy conditions and not find it blown half way down the car park or garden. The ability to lengthen the strap is useful – quite often the legs of a wetsuit are dragging the floor, which can ruin your wetsuit and/or get it dirty in the process.
It is durable, I have used this daily for the last couple of months and it looks as good as new. I imagine that this would be a key factor for a consumer thinking about buying one – once you have one it will last!”

Overall this is a great product for people who are serious about surfing and getting kit dry efficiently. The Dritek makes this process a lot easier. In particular the traveling surfer/paddler would also make good use of the hanger for the reasons I have already mentioned and it easily hangs to various structures on a van. The next step development wise would be to have an adjustable option for the carabiner and a soft coating so it doesn’t damage paintwork etc in the wind. This would also make it more versatile when you are looking for things to hang it off of. Nice product, look forward to seeing more of them!”

Damien Warner Review

Thanks Guys. We really appreciate your comments!

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Dritek Blog | The Dritek Hanger helps to maintain your gear.

Getting the most out of your garments, both in terms of performance and longevity, is really important. Especially since good gear is usually expensive. So, properly maintaining your gear, whilst not wearing it, is also important.

Using the correct detergents. Keeping them out of direct sunlight. Not tumble drying them or putting them on radiators. Not storing them whilst wet. These are all pretty well known maintenance guidelines. But what about hanging? Well, chances are, your garments will spend more time being hung or stored than they will actually being used. So it’s important to get it right.

If the garments are heavy, it’s important to use a wide framed hanger, that will help spread the load, and therefore avoiding fabric stretch, especially at the shoulders. Neoprene, technical waterproof fabrics and leathers are often damaged in this way by using inappropriate hangers.

If the garments are light, it’s important that the hanger is secure, so it will not fall or be blown away by a strong breeze. Light fabrics can be easily damaged, so it’s best to use a hanger that can be securely fastened whilst the garments are drying.

And finally, it’s important that the hanger is strong, so you have peace of mind that it will not break, causing the garment to fall or be damaged.

There are many strong, specialised hangers to choose from, however the Dritek Hanger is the only hanger specifically designed for outdoor use.

The Dritek Hanger - Versatile Hanger - web optimised

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Dritek Blog | Designed specifically for outdoor use

The Dritek Hanger is not the only strong, specialised hanger on the market. In fact there are many. However, any hanger with a fixed ‘open’ hook, cannot be recommended for outdoor use. There is no flexibility to allow for wind movement and a very limited number of hanging options.

The Dritek Hanger is specifically designed for outdoor use, which is the place where your garments will dry quickest and best.

It’s ‘closed’ hook carabiner enables safe securing of your garments, allowing peace of mind that they will not fall. The strong, flexible strap allows unrestricted movement in the wind and it’s adustability offers unlimited hanging options. And, the hanger itself is super strong and convexed to be gentle on fabrics. In fact, garments hung with the Dritek Hanger are better maintained and last longer.

Decent water wear, outdoor clothing and protective garments need looking after, so they can look after you. The Dritek Hanger - Outdoor Hanger

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Dritek Blog | The environmentally friendly garment hanger

The Dritek Hanger is pretty big. Bigger than most hangers on the market. It’s strong too. So how can it be environmentally friendly?

It’s an important question, and one that we continually asked ourselves as we were developing the concept. The simple answer is that we use recycled polypropylene to make the hanger frame. It’s not all recycled, but there’s as much as we could use without affecting the strength of the hanger. The packaging too, is made with recycled paper, and can be recycled again when you’re finished with it.

Also, the design of the hanger frame was improved time and time again, each time adding strength whilst taking volume out, so we could use as little polypropylene as possible.

But it’s more than that. The Dritek Hanger is pretty much a ‘hanger for life’. Very few Dritek Hangers will make it to land fill. They are designed to be strong and versatile, but also to be long lasting. You will be hard pushed to break a Dritek Hanger, and even if you do, it can probably be fixed or have parts replaced.

We’re proud to say that the Dritek Hanger will last longer than the garment you bought it for. Stop sending broken hangers to land fill, and treat yourself to a Dritek Hanger.

It’s strong. Versatile. Gentle to fabrics. Long lasting. Dritek_13_crop

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Dritek Blog | Product review from Motorcycle racer Danny Taylor

“When I first saw the Dritek hangers advertised on Facebook I thought that looks perfect for my motorcycle race leathers, after busting lots of ‘normal’ coat hangers that couldn’t cope with the weight of a set of expensive motorcycle leathers and finding them in a crumpled misshapen mess on the garage floor, then I saw the price and thought ‘Wow!’. Yes, it may seem expensive for what is essentially a garment hanger but seriously don’t let that put you off, as the saying goes you get what you pay for and with the Dritek hanger you get a lot. The quality of the hanger body is exceptional, very sturdy and apparently tested to 30kg more than enough for wet leathers or a soaking wetsuit and if I’m honest it’ll take double that I reckon. Because the hanger is wide it opens the leathers up to allow them to air through drying the sweaty bits inside! But the best bit for me is the webbing strap and high quality aluminium clip. I have a Mercedes Vito to transport my race bike and its carpeted on the inside which makes hanging things difficult but with the Dritek hanger you can put the strap through the clip and create a ‘soft’ loop I can now hang the leathers safely on the back of my seats without marking my upholstery.

This is an excellent product one I would definitely recommend to friends and family, yes its expensive but when you’ve spent the best part of £500 on leathers and a back protector to keep you safe you need something to keep them safe!”

Danny Taylor is racing in this years Thundersport Series being televised on Motors TV on sky. Thanks for the review Danny, and good luck

The typical end of life for one of Danny’s regular hangers:

Broken Hanger

His new hanger set up:

Dritek Hanger Motorcycle Leather Suit

Dritek Blog | The toughest, most versatile hanger

The Dritek Hanger is the toughest, most versatile hanger on the market. But why? What makes it better than other hangers? Well, once you’ve seen one up close, held one or used one, the reasons are clear. And, you’ll never hang your gear on another hanger again. But what if you haven’t seen one?

Firstly, there’s the versatility. The large carabiner and the flexible, adjustable strap allows you to hang your garments virtually anywhere. Rafters, boat masts, balconies, trees, roof racks, rails, you name it, you can hang it there. Both indoors and out. Other hangers are restricted by fixed or swivel hooks, which are also notorious weak points.

Secondly, there’s the ‘closed hook’ carabiner, which allows you to securely hang your garments, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your garments aren’t going to fall. All other hangers have ‘open hooks’, which are designed for indoor use and significantly restrict your hanging options.

Thirdly, it’s tough. Really tough. It can comfortably hold 30kgs, more than enough for most outdoor and protective garments. And significantly more than most other hangers. Say good bye to broken hangers.

And last, but not least, it’s gentle to fabrics. The wide concaved hanger frame effectively spreads weight and reduces fabric stretch and stress. Protecting your fabrics will prolong performance.

So, there you go. If you want to look after your wetsuits, drysuits, waterproofs and protective clothing, chances are you’ll benefit from a Dritek Hanger. Try one. If you’re not convinced we’ll give you your money back.

The Dritek Hanger has a unique hanger an adjustable strap and a closed hook carabiner

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Dritek Blog | The perfect hanger for camping

The Dritek Hanger is the perfect hanger for camping or when you are out on the road. You can hang your outdoor and waterproof gear virtually anywhere.

With the Dritek Hanger you can utilise whatever hanging spots you may find, trees, fences, roof racks, awning and tent poles…the list goes on. Unlike traditional hangers the Dritek hanger has a ‘closed hook’ carabiner and can be securely attached to hanging sites. On top of which, the adjustable strap, which extends to 80cm, means you can wrap the strap around and fasten the hanger to almost anything.

The Dritek Hanger – Super strong, super versatile and super gentle to fabrics, no matter where or how you choose to use it.

Glisten Camping

Ben_Smith_Heavy duty hanger

Dritek Blog | The perfect hanger for drysuits and BCDs

The Dritek Hanger is the perfect hanger for drysuits and BCDs.  It’s incredibly strong, but more importantly it’s super versatile.

Drysuits are notoriously heavy. Often more than 20kgs. And they’re big too. So how do you effectively dry and air them after use? Well, if you’re not lucky enough to have a warm room, then you are going to have to make sure they are hung well. There are many hangers on the market, each offering partial solutions. Some are strong. Some are big. Some promise to care for the fabrics. And some have drying aids, such as inbuilt fans. However, the Dritek Hanger is the only hanger offering strength, size and versatility. Being able hang your suits virtually anywhere is a huge benefit to divers. You can hang them up immediately after a dive, on the boats railings or flybridge, taking advantage of the open air and breeze. You can also leave them hung up at the harbour and even over night, safe in the knowledge that your suits aren’t going to fall or be damaged.

The Dritek Hanger, perfect for hanging Drysuits:

Dritek vid still 4

The Dritek Hanger is also ideal for hanging BCDs:

Dritek Hanger BCD Hanger

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