Dritek Blog | The perfect hanger for motorcycle jackets and protective clothing

The Dritek Hanger is the perfect hanger for motorcycle jackets and protective clothing.  It’s super strong, amazingly versatile, protects the fabrics and is the most secure hanger on the market.

Whether your jacket is classic, premium grade leather or modern heavy duty mesh with armour, you will want to look after it.  And, since your jacket will spend the vast majority of the time being hung up, waiting for the next adventure, it’s important that you hang it in the right place, with the right hanger.

Firstly, you need to make sure that it’s clean.  Whether that’s with a soft cloth and tepid water or a high powered jet wash after a dirt trial, that’s up to you.  Then you need to hang it somewhere where it can dry naturally, ideally outdoors or in a well ventilated room.  A warm, dry room will work too, but either way you need to make sure it’s hung securely, with the weight evenly distributed, and hanging so the whole surface area can be ventilated.

The Dritek Hanger is ideal for this.  You can hang it indoors and out, and secure it in a huge variety of sites and situations.  Roof beams, hooks, doors, balconies, rails, trees, posts, etc, this list goes on.  But wherever you choose to hang your garments you will be safe in the knowledge that it’s secure and that it’s being looked after.

It comfortably holds up to 30 kgs, so it’ll hold your gear and even your helmet too.

James Obourn Racing Leathers

Dritek Hanger Motorcycle Leather Suit

Dritek Blog | The perfect hanger for outdoor clothing

The Dritek Hanger is the perfect hanger for outdoor clothing and waterproofs.  You have to  treat waterproof fabrics with care, in order to receive maximum benefit and longevity.  ‘Do not tumble dry’, ‘Do not dry on radiator’, ‘Garment must be fully dry before storing’, are some of the guidelines you are likely to encounter.  So where can you dry or air them?  The best place is outdoors, or in a well ventilated room, like a garage or store room.  The best way to hang them?  With a Dritek Hanger.  The Dritek Hanger offers unlimited hanging possibilities, like hooks, rafters, doors, trees, pergolas, balconies, roof racks, boat railings and masts, etc, the list goes on.  The ‘closed hook’ carabiner gives you peace of mind that your garments won’t fall and the flexible strap allows the garments to be gently blown by a breeze for quick, complete drying.  And the super-sized hanger frame is gentle to those all important fabrics, offering wide contours that effectively spread the weight of the garment. Hi-tech, and often expensive, waterproof garments deserve a good hanger.  And, the Dritek Hanger will never let you down.

The Dritek Hanger is perfect for hanging sailing gear whilst onboard or ashore.
Black Dog Team Gul Sailing Hanger 1

The Dritek Hanger is perfect for hanging outdoor clothing whilst still outdoors.
Mark Jones Waterproofs Hanger

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Dritek Blog | The perfect wetsuit hanger

The Dritek Hanger is the perfect wetsuit hanger. Wetsuits can be hung full length, by attaching them through the neck and shoulders and fastening the zip. Or, to fully eliminate neoprene stretch, they can be hung over the horizontal bar of the hanger, tucking the wetsuit underneath the ‘fingers’ for extra support. Both ways allow you to dry your wetsuits safely and securely, even in strong breezes. If you are leaving the wetsuit outside in a breeze, or over night, it is recommended that you hang the wetsuit full length and fasten the zip. Eliminating, or even reducing neoprene stretch will protect your wetsuits and prolong their performance.

The Dritek Hanger – Wetsuit hung full length – Maximum exposure of fabric for a quick drying time. However, if the wetsuit is really wet, and therefore heavy, you may experience neoprene stretch on the shoulders.
Alex_Rowse_Wetsuit hanger

The Dritek Hanger – Wetsuit hung half length – Completely eliminates neoprene stretch as the weight of the wetsuit is spread equally over the gently concaved hanger frame. This will slow the drying time, however, we advise that you always hang wetsuits like this for the first hour or so, when most of the water will drain out, and then, when it’s lighter, hang it up full length over night.
Al_Graham_Wetsuit hanger