Looking after your gear: Waterproofs

For many water sport and outdoor enthusiasts, functional, reliable waterproofs make the difference between good day and a bad day.  Staying dry and warm can also be a matter of health and safety. Even life and death. So looking after your gear, making sure it’s up to the job as and when you need it should be a primary concern.

High quality waterproofs are generally made using well thought out designs, from hi-tech materials and often coated in innovative solutions. But all too often, once the fun is over, garments are taken off and forgotten about.

However, looking after your gear properly in between uses not only helps to maintain their performance properties, but can also prolong their lifespan.

Waterproofs are designed to get wet. Naturally. However, they prefer to be dry. In between uses it’s imperative that you get them dry, as quickly as you can, and get them hung up or stored away for next time. Leaving wet waterproofs to dry slowly is an invitation to those age old adversaries, mould and mildew, which are not only unsightly and smelly, but are also an unhealthy addition to your kit bag.

But equally as important, mould and mildew can cause irreversible damage to materials, seals and components, which inevitably leads to a loss in reliability and performance, costly repairs or commonly, a trip to the landfill.

Dry waterproofs are both warmer and lighter. So whether you are onboard or onshore, hang up your waterproofs whenever the opportunity presents itself, ideally in the fresh air so they can dry out thoroughly.

Mark Jones Waterproofs Hanger

Large, robust hangers, ideally made specifically for such garments, are the best way to hang up your gear. Using hangers that are too thin will mean the weight of the garments will be concentrated over a small area at the shoulders, stretching out the fabric and potentially leading to cracks and tears. As cleverly designed as your waterproof jacket maybe, chances are the designer wasn’t thinking about adding otherwise unnecessary support to the shoulders for hanging purposes.

Product Info Protects Fabrics

Hang your clothes outdoors to dry, ideally, and if possible out of direct sunlight. Waterproofs hung outdoors will dry in a fraction of the time that they will indoors, and will do so in fresh air which will help to reduce any odours.

If your waterproofs have been at sea, are heavily soiled or are simply sweaty, make sure to wash them according to the manufacturers guidelines and then hang them up to dry. This removes any corrosive residues and minimises the build up of bacteria.

It may be advisable to dry your garments in a tumble dryer, depending on the fabrics, however, on the whole, you can’t beat a good old natural breeze.

The Dritek hanger was designed with looking after waterproofs and outdoor clothing in mind. It allows users to hang their gear safely and securely, indoors or outdoors, and is an ideal travel companion. It may not be small but you’ll definitely be glad you packed it.

For more information about the Dritek hanger click here: www.dritekproducts.com/dritek-hanger/product-information

Dritek Hanger in 2015 Packaging x1

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