Dritek Hanger V2 – Looks after the gear that looks after you.

Dritek hangers are arguably the best known heavy-duty hangers in the world. From the launch of the original Dritek Hanger in 2013, the Finisterre + Dritek Wetsuit Hanger in 2015, and then the Dritek Hanger V2 in 2018, we have always been focussed on, and driven by, the same goal: to create versatile hangers that look after and better maintain garments. As a result, garments perform better and last longer.

Our hangers are made from recycled plastics and are designed to be strong and durable – they are built to last a lifetime. With a unique combination of an adjustable strap and an oversized carabiner, Dritek hangers can be used inside, outside, onshore or onboard, basically anywhere you might need to hang or store your gear.

Creating high-quality, long-lasting versatile hangers that improve the life of garments is one of our core values that has been at the centre of our product development, and continues to shape our ideas for future products.

But we would say that. Right? So we asked a local business man and renowned waterman, Stuart Maitland, owner of SSS Surf School, based in Newquay, to put our V2 hangers through their paces and give us his opinion.

“Having worked both within the water sports sector and as a Commercial Diver for most of my career, it’s been long awaited to find a piece of equipment that can literally accompany you anywhere and at anytime, that can hang heavy loads as needed and keep your gear safe and dry whether your activity takes you in or out of the water.”

“At SSS Surf School we only use Dritek hangers with our wetsuits & equipment, being able to hang effortlessly and quickly with its carabiner clip in our van and trailers makes life easy. During our Surf Safari’s which can venture anywhere from Cornwall to North Wales, Scotland and Ireland it allows us to hang our suits in the most awkward remotest of places, keeping our kit protected, safe and secure at all times.”

“If you’ve not got one of these in your kit this season and want quality kit that looks after you, get one you won’t be disappointed.”

Thanks Stuart!!! Click here to find out more about the Dritek Hanger V2 and click here to find out more about SSS Surf School.