Dritek Hanger V2 – Review by the British Army Offshore Sailing Team

Before you say it’s “just a hanger”, I’m aware, however…… This is a hanger on steroids.

It comes packaged in a modest looking parcel, but then on opening you get the full scale of it’s size and robustness. It’s over an inch thick in places of carefully moulded plastic with an adjustable ribbon topped by a soft covered spring gate karabiner.

Looking at the information it’s boasts to be able to lift a whopping 30kg so I tested that with a kettle bell, 28kg was the biggest one I could reach in the shed but I’m under no illusion it would take the full 30kg.
Having now got one of these, I can see it’s invaluable use for sailing or OCR racing with wet oilies or dryrobe hanging off it, even the wetsuit would fare better now.

10/10 size
10/10 robustness
8/10 style (maybe add customised ribbon for different sports or teams.


Reviewed and written by Fred Green – British Army Offshore Sailing Team