Heavy-duty hanger

The Dritek Hanger V2 – a great camping hanger

From fair weather weekend campers to hardy all-year-round camping fanatics, we all know how important it is to take along the right kind of clothing that will keep us warm and protect us from the wind and rain. Preparing for your trip, checking the forecast and packing the right clothing can be the difference between having the time of your life or just wishing for the trip to be over. There is nothing worse than getting caught out by a heavy downpour and then spending the rest of the trip in ever so slightly damp attire. Whether it’s a thick parka or a high performance waterproof jacket and trousers – your gear looks after you. And in turn, you should look after your gear with a camping hanger designed to dry and protect your garments.

During your trip, you want to be able to dry wet waterproofs and protective clothing as quickly and safely as possible. If the rain has stopped, you ideally want to hang your clothes outside so they can dry naturally and quickly. The Dritek Hanger V2 has been designed with lots of different hanging options in mind. Have you got a tree nearby? Wrap it around a branch. Has your car or van got roof bars? Clip it on. Do you have a guide rope or washing line? Attach it. You might think that you could just as well hang your clothes in the tree, or on the washing line without a hanger, right?

There are two reasons why a Dritek Hanger is ideal as a camping hanger:

  • Ventilation: The oversized hanger frame has been specifically designed to be quite thick, creating room inside the garment and allowing the air to circulate – which speeds up the drying process because the fabric doesn’t cling together.
  • Secure drying: The carabiner enables you to securely hang your clothes outside even in pretty strong winds, without the fear of your garments falling on the floor where they’ll get wet again and probably dirty too. And if it’s raining, you can clip the hanger on the inside of your awning to let your clothes drip dry out of the rain.

“Last year, we went on a trip to Wales. It was absolutely pouring it down on one of our hikes up Pen y Fan. By the time we got back to our camp, the skies had cleared but the wind had picked up a lot. Our clothes were absolutely sodden, so we hung them on our Dritek Hangers, which we then wrapped around the branch of a nearby tree. After about 30 minutes of flapping, in pretty strong winds, our clothes were dry and we were ready to set off again.” Clare, Buckfastleigh.

The Dritek Hanger V2 is as much about versatility as it is about strength. A camping hanger, that you can securely hang anywhere, can be a really useful addition to your camping gear.

To find out more visit www.dritekproducts.com or buy now at www.amazon.co.uk

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