The Dritek Hanger V2 | Heavy-duty hanger for all types of performance garments

The Dritek Hanger V2

The world’s most versatile heavy-duty hanger, comprising of a unique, super-sized hanger frame, made from 100% recycled plastic, a flexible/adjustable high-strength strap and a high-load carabiner, made from anodised aluminium. If you rely on expensive, high performance equipment for water sports, motor sports and outdoor pursuits, then take a closer look below…

Super strong, secure, versatile

Our patent protected hanging system comfortably holds 30 kgs, and offers unlimited hanging options. It’s super-sized carabiner provides secure hanging, both indoors and outdoors. The high density foam cover protects hanging sites and prevents metal-on-metal contact. And the flexible / adjustable strap allows wrapping around larger hanging sites, such as trees, roof-racks, rafters and boat riggings.

A heavy-duty hanger that will never let you down

The Dritek Hanger V2 has been designed to look after water-wear, outdoor clothing and protective garments, and has been engineered to last a life time. Made with high quality materials and components, it will never fall, never break or never end up in landfill. It’s the environmentally responsible heavy-duty hanger.

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